I found a "shut" in the woods!


Wet day in the bush with Scout, had a fire.

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alright so I'm walking in the woods today with scope and it's a bit different than normal it's than the normal weather lately it's been raining quite a bit I just went to this spruced and i found and click gathered a bunch of twigs I'll show you that in a minute but I'm going back to this place that I found a couple minutes ago it's like a shelter Odin call it bushy or anything but it's pretty cool i'll end up having a fire there trying to stay dry for a minute i'll show you guys that I got to be careful though when I'm walking because it's all Pickers or thora not even peckers big thorns see that one all through here so kind i picking my way through until I guess that Hut it's over there in the distance alright so this is at that shut shut shut that shelter that Hut I was talking about it's made of like drainage pipes or I don't know if you could call culverts but it's pretty big and the dry under there it's got watch oh I already got my gear here I'll show you how big it is just one second those are the twigs right here that I just collected from the spruce trees I'm going to do more good chance he's quick bundle just to show you how big it is scope come here sit good sit so scope 290-pound Shepherd and that's how big it is compared to him come good boy okay so I'm just going to do a little bit of continue to do some prep I broke all the pieces I needed in two pencil lead to pencil thickness that's all right here now I'm going to break them in half pull them over each other in high and take it put it put a flame to it okay got my match ready and my pile of sticks my bundle of sticks now one thing I'm not doing is tying it lakemoor says I'm just going to hold it but they are a damn because it's been raining like I said so we'll see oh yeah come on

just flip it around I am putting it right on the ground I've always heard me say don't do that but it's been drier than hell and it's still drying here so not worried about it really a little bit of soft woods practice today thanks Bruce qualify this up wood nice and warm by the player now and I believe this is the first fire that you guys have seen me light with a match I do carry matches all the time came in this plastic orange match case it's waterproof it's got the rubber seal on it but I lost their not strike anywhere matches and i lost my striker so I had made a sewing kit with an old matchbook and I was in my first aid kit so I personally in my survival 10 so i just use a striker from that matchbook on here I need to get some strike anywhere matches I guess well that's probably it for this video I'm going to sit in here for a while dry off and that's probably it for today you guys have a good one thanks for watching

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