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Exhaustion in the Wild Ep 5 - 10 Days, 10 Items; Alone on an Island in the Canadian Wilderness



Join me in an adventure of a lifetime.

I spend 10 days alone with 10 items in a backpack, I live/camp on an Island, have a canoe to travel in search of food.

I live on fish and whatever small reserves I had.

I encounter Eagles, loons, and beaver, see sign of Black Bear, Moose, and many other animals

I have epic sunsets, strong camp vibes, and lots of time to think and film.

I build a semi permanent shelter, chair, tripod, carve a spoon, and have endless camp chores.

This is the second video in a mini series, I have a ton of footage.

The next video in the series will be out soon.

I hope you all enjoy 10 Days, 10 Items ; Alone on an Island in the Canadian Wilderness.

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Twitter https://twitter.com/Robinet_Joe

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Video Transcription

look at that scenery this is unreal [Music]

check it out I made myself a back to my chair and buffle my PFD right on you see that day now the lean back no no sticks jab me in the back I pulled back support this is like a huge upgrade from yesterday which was a huge upgrade from the day before so everything's good I haven't gone out at all it's been horribly windy and gray it's actually lighten up just a bit right now it's 11 it's 11:00 in the morning I told myself I'm not eating pike today so I'm not even in like urgent need to go out or like I don't feel like a huge like pressure to go fish I'm gonna give myself a day's break if it was nice day I was gonna go go try and find some wallet and the other Lake but I can see that I still have like four or five days here or a nap dates here so today I'm just hanging out I've been reading I've been writing in my journal I ate some oats yeah it's just gonna be like a rice in jerky on a day it's it's okay I'm not gonna spend any energy or a lot of energy so I'm not gonna be as hungry there's a direct correlation out here like seriously like food is fuel yeah I mean when I go when I paddle around or I'm chopping firewood or whatever I get like oh like dad tired like like dead tired you know I mean I come back and cope here's a jerky or I'll have some fish and stuff and it's it's good its fuel so I won't that spend a lot of energy today days day six and I'm just gonna kind of sit around drink lots of tea I have to keep this fire going very hot because it's cold today's been the coldest day produced took off my gloves I literally laid in bed with my boots on like all my clothes on my coat everything in red book and I couldn't even have my hands over the covers I had to have like the sitting bag over my head my head lay on in the daytime like it was cold cold cold cold all day it's getting better now but anyways this fire has been rocking I burned through a decent chunk of my wood this morning I still got one two three four five six seven seven or eight big rounds left so it's okay I will have to go out and get some firewood today at one point so that's one thing I need to do I'm starting to be okay with just sitting around I've never never done that on a trip lunch you know I mean when I go on a canoe trip I'm busting my butt when I go on a backpacking trip I'm busting my butt when I go on an overnight I'm busting my butt filming I'm run around doing little projects and filming and stuff never stopping starting to be okay with just sitting that's good maybe it's a patience like my mom always used to say to me it's a lesson in patience I'm sorry I'm sorry long we shouldn't say like that it's a lush that's a lesson in patience honey and I would always just shrug it off maybe it is my mom watches my videos sun's out guns out look at this you know it's only 2:30 in the afternoon something like that bow time I am stoked there's still some clouds and stuff man look at this compared to earlier I ended up going canoeing around for a little bit just to try to warm up I saw some loons called out to land stuff it's pretty fun but look at this this is beauty this is beauty where have you been all my life blue skies racecars are gonna clear up put on a happy face spread sunshine all over the place okay I'm gonna make a tripod to hold up my cooking pot I took down to make the shelter in the first place I might as well put sown to use Oh dad that's firewood there I'm loving these gloves man these are the hester off fault gloves i used to have the fall line gloves i wore those out after probably three or four years of good hard hard use they sent me these ones at fault gloves these are lars fault he he's a big guy over in sweden and stuff i think ray mears buddy the combination between Hofstra and Lars fault

all right three poles it's a bush plane so I'm not sure if this is a common occurrence or not but I can always hear a bush plane in my head like I hear one and then that noise stays with me like when they're gone completely gone like I hear maybe two or three a day for real on the on the high end but I can constantly hear it in my head I don't know if that's a thing that people say but it's nonstop it's weird it's very weird

all right for the finishing touch I don't want my paracord to be hanging down too far the flames will eventually melt it up so we have a short paracord a long pot I have to go cut one go I feel fine what a suitable one it'll you might be a little difficult in this kind of forest to fun my setup I love this like sit back my books here my axe all my cooking stuff nice now falling out of control well I do need to fix my bed for tonight - it's uh I slept on it for what a few nights now without adding any more so mashed her down pretty good and if the bugs do come I got smoke right here there's so much air flow going by that it doesn't even matter that it's blowing directly at me it just kind of goes right past or whatever but the bugs won't like that that's for sure yeah for sure okay check this so I got a different plan I did find one like I normally do it's got a big ol knot on the bottom of it and a big thick branch the branches dead with the knots there too

stop the pot from falling off so let's try that

and there's the wind again old friend the wind okay so that's the only branch that matters that we want to leave it long give the pot some room I'm sure that I'll stay on there that's pretty decent yeah okay so now the thing is do I leave this crazy hook on yeah why not just attach it up here still hang straight that's pretty cool I like that but with the paracord we can do something pretty cool we can make an adjustable loop so we can raise it up and down as we want to keep it out of the fire drop it down lower I just basically tie a taut line hitch in itself twice on the inside once on the outside like the shirt says now it is adjustable

so you can this still has to be notched but say that was in there like that you can't really see down there but you can raise it up and drop her down alright I got about halfway full of water it's good if I need to drop her down drop straight down lift straight back up no problem here's how I have it attached at the top just a good sized notch running through and then up under both these twigs and it holds the coin and if it needs to be up even higher always move it via the tripod lots of options this way

all right it's just too nice I can't not go paddle and fish what a beauty day and it's super nice so right now I want to try and find some deep water and put a deep dive Ren I've only been using Williams wobbler I actually mostly been using a Williams wobbler used a jig with no luck and I used the top floating we're up Abra fella with I caught my first bike on that but other than that I've that's the only things I've used so I got a Deep Diver repeller I'll try that but I gotta find some deep water man like literally there's it's a very very shallow lake I think the waters down to the water lines I see on the rocks are way it like public YouTube of which doesn't make sense cuz it's springtime but uh that's how it is and it's super rocky like underneath hence all the islands and everything everywhere so I don't get to snagged up too often either try and find some deep water it's perfectly good spruce bough bed there

I won't take but a minute it'll be nice to see the old island too trail from me walking back and forth so many times oh this is a good thing there she is

no bed comfy the winds whipping through here too my old spork look where I am there's not much land around anywhere I'm pretty much in an open spot like I understand you can see land everywhere I just mean I'm in a big wide spot of the lake right like there that's what I'm talking about I just paddled I just have my Len Thompson number two down it's a big old silver lure and I'm paddling in the middle there where there shouldn't be anything and I there's boulders out of nowhere like a footer of the water not even a foot under the water not even I can see him clear as day it's crazy man I said I mean like I'm in this huge open spot and it's just the boulders strewn about it's crazy everything I've caught so far has been in shallow - I understand it's the spring things want to come up and feed and eat and stuff but like it's just Pike I was hoping for some lake trout for some walleye it's okay I'm totally fine either way it's just I'm trying to catch something different alright the butt-end side of the lake there's the end right there and I know I said I wasn't a neat Pike today but now I'm starving like I need some food some some protein some energy not just some rice for dinner I'd take a Pike I'd take a Pike so I've been navigating by landmarks and giving them that is 10 free Ireland and I know that I just took that side of it that's 10 tree island that's me and that's calm Cove over there okay and I know I need to go back that way to go home I'm almost there but I also know that this turns behind like a little almost like a little river system it's real narrow and tight in there and goes out and comes out onto calm Cove and back in there I caught a pike once it's real shallow but it's nice in there so instead of going directly home I want to troll through there with a floating wrap let's see if I can snag a dinner I I'm really regretting letting that Pike go last night but I was so fat and full on pike and it's like I don't want to keep it overnight kind of thing you know I mean but yeah we'll go get another one a big fish big fish Wow tear yourself up big guy oh it's a monster pike okay plate for dinner if I get if I land it well it's not a monster he's just a big good fighter put up a good fight he's not small gonna splash one more time are we good here

things are happening okay well he has a lot of fight left in him you dawn it's a big guy come here you ran like three or four times he done I gotta get them with my other hand always a big fish this is a lot of meat right here

oh it's a big fish it's a big fish okay we have to deal with this so he doesn't knock my camera over well that turned out all right hey put that floating rap ball and I came exactly where I said I was gonna come and that happened so I can't he swallowed that thing big time it's the trouble hooks on it's down in his gills I can't get it oh it's okay i dispatched him and i'm going to go back to camp I'll clean him before that I'll clean only get a go to him I'll clean him on a rock away from my camp this time I want to leave his remains there so that I can watch the birds get it from my camp I'll do it across the way this size that beaver lodge that thing's huge

this is why I like coming these little intimate waterways a little tight narrow waterways you need to see lots of stuff it's all beaver chewed on in there you need to make the lodge enough to just crash in the shore so that's ten tree island coming at it from a different way there is calm Cove where I had the fire last night and then there on the farther one that's camp and I hear another floatplane so I'll clean them on that rock there my camp is just right across right there on that island I'll clean up not a bad size alright the deed is done my meat here and put it on top of that for a minute so I'll get back to camp leave my remains in here and hopefully tonight you'll be able to get a view of an eagle before I even know there's a seagull circling above bitch he's gonna land it's gonna land on that rock he's checking it out I was hoping for an eagle not a seagull cut into strips so it would burn our cook better not burn I'm gonna weave it you know it doesn't fall off straighten it out as much as possible and I am going to sprinkle some stakes place on that piece right now one-eighty the stakes place to fall on the ground underneath perfect okay rig this up vote there seems perfect to me take a little bit but that's okay all right

see if she's done yeah that's got to be done and gas

that's done right all right that was super good next up I'm cooking it this way in the pan with a little bit of lard some steak spice and lemon this is a super low heat so it's cooking simmering nicely it's not turning to mush either like that sucker I've cooked in the pan Cheers that's a good way to cook it okay that was too good I had to make a second batch

I charged this one little blackened Jason different it's all about variety I couldn't even eaten another boiled pike today with rice too much of that but this is decent this and the one on the stick I do have a small fillet left but I'm pretty full so I will save that for probably later on tonight because it's only 7:30 and I've been going to bed to like 10:30 or 11:00 I'm really in the swing of things I think not rush to do anything I don't feel urgent see to do anything anymore at all I was happy when I got the fish you know I mean I needed that fish don't get me wrong but like I got up this morning just laid in bed and you know I mean took my time doing everything I didn't get up and do anything till 11:00 it was crappy all day I got nice oh yes day six night six three more full days left seven eight nine it's crazy it's gone by actually pretty quick like it feels like I've been here for a long time like I don't really remember things before this this is my life but in the same respect it's not dragging on by any means it's like the days go by that comes repeat and I do things in the middle of all I'm having fun for real at home phone that's uh it's a good time I think I'm running Oda card I think my ideal trip so I've done the I've done the the hardcore or fast the have a destination stuff the fish while you go stuff this I think I want to combine and I think want to go to place like Temagami or something where I don't have to stick to a schedule like I'll have to stick to a schedule Algonquin but I want to bring a little like my tarp and my tent my twig stove all my camp with my canoe camping accoutrement but not as much food for night like for suppers and and have the opportunity or have the option to change my route while I'm out there and to hole up at a place for a couple nights or something other facings good I think that's what I'm gonna do I think we're looking to tomography a good place in tomography not the Lady Evelyn because I couldn't catch a fish to see my life on that yeah that's what I think about next trip this is my favorite time of the day by far just stay here forever this guy's so unreal the clouds are just like swirls and oranges a purple white black guy still blue over here it's it's not the water starting to turn purple man yeah you guys have to experience something like this like a real like you don't have to come out do some crazy 10-day sort of thing but like try go camping near the water you can get on the water when the Sun Goes Down I highly recommend it it's super cool I got to try and show you more of this look at the water spring peepers in the background oh man I wanna ride Asti card I gotta stop but I'm sure I'll show you once it changes some more leak his glass hasn't been this calming days it just hit me that I'm doing this like I'm midst it right now like this is such a big build-up for me and I'm just going along

it's nothing seeming like overwhelming or it's just happening everything's just happening

like it was at first don't get me wrong like I didn't think I could catch a fish at first think it was raw I was worried for a minute there but again everything just how I just kept going everything just happened the storms come in I just go on my shelter it's like just gonna happen it's crazy man give me something I look back on I'm keeping like a detailed journal guys like I'm talking like three times a day I'm writing that thing at least I'm writing myself notes for the future I'm writing myself like little intricate things that happened I love it I absolutely love it oh hello I got a loon swimming towards me [Music]


your buddy

I just loaded it up they're all over the place okay I really do need to conserve SD cards now our SD memory because I'm down to a 16 gig so that's not good I started like three full days four days left almost having fun that's the point this is magic ten free Ireland can't count him I stayed out in the boat until almost complete darkness and I spent the next couple hours eating the remainder of the fish and you know by the fire somehow it seems like every night is better than the last

morning slept good it's 5:30 I added all those boughs to my bed last night and it worked it helped out a lot I'm sure I've compressed them I'm still sleeping on top of my coats on top of the even better boughs coats sleeping bag just to look for a little bit of extra buffer it's chilly I got a fire going I think I see

oh yes the Sun is rising let's check out the boughs so flat they got last night I can see where I laid right there they the dent did indent and over here is not food bags getting light I don't know if I ever explained this but this is an Ursa it's Kevlar bag bears can't get into it

seems like it'll be a beauty day so I think today's the day I'm gonna go to that other Lake bring my canoe over to it and try and find a creek coming over that or a river coming out of that see if that all works out I'll go do it anyway and whatever happens happens today's day seven I've been here for a week a beating for Pike five plate for pike and a sucker or five Pike in a sucker so hoping for a walleye that's the whole thought behind going over there so they'll be worth it if it pans out and if not it's something to do it's only like 6:00 in the morning and yesterday I laid around to like 11 because there was no good weather so I'm gonna take advantage of this nice weather for sure I'm just out about just about out of my oats I got three more mornings I'm just getting back to go out there I've got my bear spray I want to put it on my belt I've dubbed where I'm going bear alley so I want to be as careful and safe as I can I've also got my frost River backpack full of stuff here because I don't know how long I'm gonna be out there for could be all day I might not be able to even make it back tonight I'm sure I will but I've got my hat I got my backpack so I can throw my tackle box and whatnot in the canoe in here when I'm porting over into the other Lake so also I can strip down I got every piece of clothes up that I've had on on me right now so I'm sure I'm gonna get warming it's trip don't put that in my bag too but my hat the GoPro session with the chest mount my Sat phone the first aid kit selfie stick camera

journal' sunglasses excuse me in my pocket I have that spot that I always have on me so I'm not gonna bring a DSLR I only have five minutes left on this SD card and then a 16 gig card is all I have left for three days so I really have to conserve it'll be GoPro today I just saw two bald eagles this is the same spot I saw the one here today so I'm gonna try and be quiet as I come up to it I've got a monster got a monster plate I'm not keeping him it's too early he's too big I'll let him go for sure but he's running like nuts I thought it was a snag there third one that I've got oh my god oh he's a big boy yeah that's a big fish man okay the third time I thought it was a snag and I got a big one oh oh me oh he's a big boy oh yeah this is the biggest spike up on this trip for sure by far Oh and bloody big fish okay we gonna get you off this hook Hey he will not calm down every time I try and grab him he's just gung-ho man that's a big fish oh my god I'm such a big fish okay I got to get them just like over the side of the boat I can't even bring got my hand inside the students know like completely in his mouth ah ah it's a big fish that's a big old fish guys look at that guy holy crap probably that might be my biggest one all right go on there he goes well that was a treat that was a treat as a big fish well that was by tomorrow the biggest fish of the trip and it rivals my biggest fish ever caught biggest fish ever caught was a 37 inch Pike and that was 30 to 35 so that's cool hey the reason I let him go is cuz it's so bad guys he's just a beast of a old fish I don't want to eat that thing and it's super early in the morning so even if it wasn't I wouldn't five look there's two right there

I realize it doesn't show up very well on the GoPro very cool like five bald eagles in our two minutes that's an awesome morning I really wouldn't be surprised if I saw a bear on the yeah

Gill creek trail bear alley as it were I either just saw a golden eagle or immature bald eagle there's so many birds right here there's literally so many birds we're coming right on to bear Ellie this is my take out a little bit more loud with my talking just to alert oh man so many bald eagles I know you guys didn't see that I wasn't quick enough but seven eight oh those are just Ravens everybody the other ones were Eagle intercept no my paddle my rod gonna leave the canoe here for this trip I got my backpack on to and go this one without the canoe walk it view everything there and then come back for the boat

oh yeah look at the trail look at the game trail right there I just put on the brakes midair when he saw me I looked up and he literally put on the brakes midair that was awesome man I just show off the camera when that happened to gun chuckle French Oh super fresh bear poop in there too I'm gonna oh and then there too and I'm on a bear trail 100% there's a bear trail watch this you know what I mean like look at that crushed log look at that that's a trail I'm on a trail 100% all the way it's very defined and then three piles of Bear poo with one being extremely fresh bear alley


broke my GoPro I got a Soaker okay I didn't break myself and I didn't break my fishing pole or my paddle my hand okay all those well I got soaked I got a hook in the leg that's okay could have been worse it's gonna be a pain getting that canoe over here though

I broke the clamp right off my GoPro it's completely gone okay more bear scat look that's inside it fish bones fish bones and berries no just fish bones fish bones and more fish bones okay I'm here I made it for the lake now all I have to do is go all the way back and do that again with a kick with a canoe on my head more bear poop holy bears holy bears

okay drop my stuff up here I'll bring the camera just in case all right back at the boat hike back was uneventful

except for two eagle feathers that's pretty cool all right now I got to gracefully create this bad boy down there I have no yolks off-the-shoulder it I get back with you over there they did it I wasn't that bad I didn't fall but I'm beat I'm so hungry like so hungry you know I just got to circumvent this small lake and see if there even is a river or a stream phone in or out of it which way guys which way do I go first I'm gonna go that way I already walked it might be far down that way I was already there I know it's not there maybe down there there or around or around the bend over there who knows [Music]

super shallow it yeah look it's getting it's getting like the river rewind II might be promising you much bird on the top of that dead tree are you gonna fly away majestically or stay there every other every of the Eagles I passed is blown away really quickly this guy just does not care maybe something else are you something else yeah you don't care check it out I caught a monster that's like food for the last one I thought this is worth it for the paddle man even if I don't catch a walleye this is beauty in here it's still a river system Creek whatever it is eagles everywhere I can see a bald eagle in a golden eagle next to each other or immature bald eagle I really don't know this is peaceful man here these birds this spring

your running water as soon as I came up to this part I saw two big bald eagles fly away

oh man I just character that again another sitting stream freaky rocky to another lake actually seems that way no wall in the last one I'm so hungry guys like honestly effin starving like I'm so hungry it up for energy get in here hope it pays off so it dumps into there is a big beaver down and then it just dumps into that thick mess of alders and small Creek I don't really have the desire or the energy to go portage down into there and my hopes are not high for a walleye anyway in there so what I can want to do is pile back to that second lake and paddle around that Lake some more see if I can pick up lake maybe even have a shore lunch if possible it might not be ashore on that Lake Taal it's all Marsh but

I love that the rest of day seven was pretty uneventful made it back to camp a few hours later just hung around all day no fish to be seen that night I ate a dinner of rice and jerky so he's been rough I had a wall big time this is the most down I felt the whole time I have no energy I'm come please up I haven't talked to you guys in hours it's been hours and hours since I did that trip this morning into the other leaks it's not hot anymore or never got hot the sun's gone no Amy I can't get warm I've been chilly this whole time I got back I passed out in the shelter here in my sleeping bag like half slept weird dreams not really awake not really asleep and then I finally got up I felt all out of it just out of sorts like had no energy I laid out in front of the shelter on the suit bag for a long time just catching any kind of Sun that was out there chopped up a bunch Oaks I bucked up I cut up the rest of that big fire I cut up the rest of that big tree for firewood say I can barely saw and split some up that's all I can do I don't know what it is man I'm sleeping at night I'm eating I might not be eating enough that I cannot be might not be cutting it I might not be getting something that I need though I've been fine this whole time since it's the start of it till now it's all has taken hold the energy I've had to do this little bit of firewood just sitting down by the water it's like 9:30 at night didn't do much today wasn't feeling too hot like I told you earlier just kind of sat around and read my book did some camp chores and I'm feeling much better tomorrow I need some food I don't think that the pike has any fat in it he'll be off on this but I feel like that's the problem so that tomorrow I'm gonna get a pike I'm gonna throw a bunch of lard in it cook it up turn over to be a really nice night again like every night d7 I think was my like slump day I'll be good now I think I think I'll get up early tomorrow go to the grocery store grab a pike and have lunch a Pike and then supper like I was doing the first few days I was feeling better let's try that again well one of bad guys it's cold like every night I'm changing out my socks I haven't changed anything else that I have brought the only layer up and laid down with what I've worn and change socks so that's too bad sleeping bag keeps me nice and warm use my book underneath my bag my bag of clothes that I haven't used at all cuz if you can use this as a sip pad in a pillow it's actually not bad at all this is my rain gear here too I use my book and Emily come on top of that it's a nice height alright guys good night once again I'll see you on day 8


morning guys it's about 5:00 in the morning this is the time I get up regardless if I want to or not no that's just how it is out here it's raining it's been raining all night just a steady rain very grey day seems like this will be an all-day kind of rain I hope not but that's what it seems like something must be on fire [Music]

that's crazy man I was just laying in bed I thought it was a holding my hair I thought I heard a helicopter I just like whatever it's nothing and he's telling it was freaking landing flew right above me with a big thing of water underneath it like it's gonna put out a fire but like it's been raining all day that was strange

through my hair yeah

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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