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Catch and Cook and Camp! Beautiful Lake Trout- 8 Days in the Wild!


On day 7 of our 8 day, remote, fly in fishing, canoe trip.

Shawn James and I hook in to some BEAUTY Lake Trout.

Watch as I show us catching, cooking and eating these awesome fish. ENJOY!

Be sure to stay tuned for the EPIC full trip video, that one will be available in roughly one week.

Check out Shawns Channel here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIMXKin1fXXCeq2UJePJEog

Outfitter we booked and planned our trip with https://redlakeoutfitters.com/

Reflector Oven https://www.canadianoutdoorequipment.com/reflector-oven-by-svante-freden.html

Instagram https://instagram.com/joerobinetbushcraft/

Twitter https://twitter.com/Robinet_Joe

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Video Transcription

hey guys Joe here thanks for tuning in I am far up north and woodland caribou Provincial Park I drove about 30 hours to get here and camping with a friend for seven days got dropped off by a floatplane

seven days ago we've been paddling fishing camping I've caught 37 inch pike got a monster walleye lots more Pike and walleye today we're going to be going after some lake trout so hopefully we're going to get into lake trout tomorrow's our last day we're getting picked up by float plane tomorrow I haven't caught a lake trout in seven days I would love to catch one I'd love to have a camp and cook and catching cooking camp and yeah if I do we're going to cook it up in a broiler next to the fire to be nice and good so stay tuned you might be intro today


what really oh I'm the board of the Lakers look at that turn it sideways we was fighting that's all yeah dude that's beauty that's a nice leg her sister would you catch on that Cyclops yep that's a big fish yeah okay I'm switching to a spoon screw this wrap big bait notes that going back to the old lens humps and I think catch a monster oh man that guy's big is that decent size for a Laker or huh I'm electro virgin

all right Len Thompson on all those fails Oh buddy oh I'm excited I was just telling Sean how angry I was all I think it's the same it's a Laker it's a Laker it's a Laker I made her a Laker go on the boat Oh in the boat I'm so excited right now oh my goodness I made her a Laker I'm so I'm so happy back-to-back lake trout boys you're okay you're okay you're okay ah I'm not uh yeah I don't care not at all okay we got them you guys are ready for this oh I'm so stoked first this is the first this is by far my favorite fish I've ever caught it right here stop shut up Oh buddy that's awesome yeah I'm still good thank you oh okay together we're gonna eat this guy for sure well we got to eat you truly can't believe and throughout each for dinner for lunch okay I need to give me a bunch of pictures oh man look at this guy

I'm super stoked right now oh yeah look at him trout's there's a bit bigger of course he says what seems fly likes cooling off is probably a couple never there I'm so happy right now create a meal look at that

one each yeah I'm uh I'm gonna put on my broiler yeah yeah I'm at least half of it and an half maybe just I don't know eat it raw pretty well we can use a darker but oh yeah you might stuff this I'm so so happy so happy we're going to try for a couple more teeth on this mug no me no no no no triple lifetime woodland caribou what can tell them happy exuberant even so biggest I thought I had no look biggest plate to the trip biggest Pike there caught because while I ever caught can only lake trout every time but this guy man this guy takes the cake legit legit oh snap oh snap yeah



oh it's a fighter either fighter I am son in the boat in the boat in the boat oh my goodness oh I don't know what to say

we eaten good today boy oh you're not getting oh stop it Sean's got one on - oh wait just just a play we would have been real happy with that love but oh man I can't wait to show Clint he's going to be pumped Clint the Clint's the trout dude for sure oh man do this some pretty fish real pretty let me show you again just one more time there's one more time you hold them far out to look monsters ah these guys are both dispatched already and we are ready these for sure 100% going to eat all this session so happy if you guys know me you'll understand

we haven't really been out we haven't really been on a lake trout lake prior to this this is a culmination of the trip getting down to these lakes where the lake trout are and this is the first one we have to still Portales into the second one where we we're going to camp for tonight but man this is on the way there and I grabbed these two like so stoked right now just unbelievable not very happy very hungry two people you guys have one for lunch and one for dinner I didn't want to eat rice again I don't eat rice again for dinner you know join another clue boy all right last poritosh of the trip heading into roy lake which is our pick up Lake planes going to come and get us tomorrow off to find a campsite pick up the throat forgive these lake trout lots Porto's buddy

it's perfect nice flat ground the waters right all around them on this peninsula be great great camp spot for our last night here now let's get those fish book [Laughter]


I'm going to be using my reflector oven for this fish we'll switch it up the next place we cook but right now I've been dying to boil throw the whole drink in my reflector oven perfect I want to throw my grill in there this so it doesn't bowl if it was nice and flat then I've got some lard and lemon and I think I want to steal some ASEAN's Montreal steaks place throw that on there a little bit too should be good take a hunk of that throw it right on the fish

sad dripping off already she's cooking up nicely sweep a little bit I don't know oh yeah oh yeah we've been waiting seven days for this finally happening catching catching fish off the chain plate and wall like lots and lots of them but lake trout something special I cannot wait to eat this for lunch well that's cooking I'm going to cut up this other piece and put it in my breading and when I have little little deep-fried bites I'm gonna leave the skin on because it's true I like totes again okay is our last day so I don't mind putting it in the breading bag because I will be catching I won't be eating any more fish after tonight just going to make little bite-sized pieces as my lemon falls into the grass go from there she's almost done so just going to squeeze the lemon note all the lemon feels good in like multiple cuts in my hand that's for sure so they're back on for a couple more minutes she's just not done in the center oh my I just came down to the water to wash my hands and you can see a dragonfly here it just came out of its exoskeleton and there's one down here that's even more emerging or new newer I guess would be the word areas there hasn't have a wings Foley out yet and then his exoskeleton is right behind them pretty cool we've been seeing the little shells exoskeleton casings this whole trip but haven't seen them hatching pretty cool what are you going through our stuff stuff in this leg here with some stuffing that I made at home spreading and freezing in some dried vegetables and I'm just going to stuff up the cavity deboned it already and I'll put that in the reflector oven origins I did bring some tin foil I could do that as well since we have a reflector oven might as well use it at that right and let it roast for maybe half an hour well you can eat it tasty [Music]

eight feet we're done Oliver done pop down to the backbone instead switch trow moment of truth seven days in the making no joke oh [Music]

bloody Cheers


phone Apple tea oh man it's good oh it's so good

oh man this tulip it's good man is really good yeah the fish catching and eating great for sure Joe gasps Joe goofy grin I'm a happy boy playing on the Sun look at that all done that was so good not going to skin on this one but the next piece I do I would heat the skin very very hasty loving the earth left rub that's not such a shabby spot we got a loon

singing out there home behind music Shawn cooking up his stuff trophy with some sinful insider fuck Kevin I believe I'm going to no not I believe I am going to I'm going to believe in myself I'm going to fry up my next filet and you already saw me read it and everything so I want to put lots of are kind of deep fried as much as I can and they're super pumped on that we are done look at that greasy as ever we're actually done folks get ready try it looks good that mention I was a happy boy I'm so good so good I got on my water on the Gulf gotta wait like half an hour till it's ready I have Justin I just done some done come up on the phone pink lemonade powder and put that in there have a grand old feast here ma'am was my favorite day my favorite day of the trip so far if you're wondering about the reflector oven that we're both using I got it from company called Canadian outdoor equipment and the reflector oven is called a Svante Frieden relief on paper even from speed all the goods didn't come from sweetums we just kept it off pretty bad we're hoping to a everything squared away before the rain comes in the rain comes but right now heaven this is a very good culmination force of nature of a day truck they so now [Music]

if you guys are interested in this comes up throw me a subscription you're going to see a lot more of this you're going to see a full trip video from I playing this this trip for so long it's been an epic trip this is the end of it you're just seeing a little portion of it you want to see the whole thing flight in all the wall line all up and down the highways the crazy sunset the crazy moon rising yeah that's gonna be our own video so like I said if you're not subscribed if you like this stuff subscription you'll see more of it I wrap this video up now game here tonight plane tomorrow Thalia understand please check out the full digital option let's watch it dispersion [Music]

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