Bushcraft Camp DESTROYED!


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As promised, I destroy my bushcraft camp.

We will be moving north very soon, and I know I will never visit this bushcraft shelter again, so, instead of littering the woods with the paracord I used to tie it all together, in this video, I destroy my own bushcraft camp.

This is bushcraft asmr

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Video Transcription


we're sitting on the bed uh uh we're moving in a couple days we've taken all of our coaches and tables and everything to the dump or buying all new stuff when we get up there it's been passed down pass down pass down to us so it's time for new stuff and we don't want to travel with all the garbage so we're sitting on the bed we're about to jump into this video I got a sponsor for this video thank you very much Squarespace whether you need a domain website or online store make it with Squarespace so we're still working on the website things are going really well we're just trying your products in and everything ready before we have a go live which will probably be about a month or so but Squarespace has been making this super easy their templates make creating a powerful online identity even easier each template is a starting point for a wide range of projects whether you're pursuing your side hustle or you're promoting your main gig this year Squarespace made a pretty cool update there's eight new templates you can choose from you can create a beautiful website with Squarespace is all-in-one platform there's nothing to install patch or upgrade ever they have award-winning 24-hour customer service and it's simple to set up or transfer your domain on Squarespace with the domain transfer in you can now transfer in your third-party domain to Squarespace instead of working with multiple vendors to maintain your online presence you're able to manage all your domain and billing settings with Squarespace and take advantage of the easy to use DNS interface it's a big deal because if someone has a GoDaddy domain they can switch it to Squarespace it's never been easier to sell products or services online Squarespace allows you to manage your products orders and inventory easily so check out Squarespace calm for a free trial and when you're ready to launch go to Squarespace comm slash Jill Robinette to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain that's squarespace.com slash Joe Robinette for 10% off well thanks a lot guys I hope you enjoyed the video thank you very much to Squarespace for sponsoring another video you guys are really good to me so next time you see us we'll be far north and our new hosts and we're very excited for that so onto the video hey folks thanks for tuning in

I just spent that brainy rainy night in my natural shelter a big old lean-to debris Hut whatever you want to call it that I've had for about three or four years I love this thing but today let's tear it down [Music]

but bunch of pieces and I built you into a home


the weather was cold get me out of the raining snow

see you go out lean to your best lee juil you're the best

lean to the other best [Music]

you're the best leave [Music]

I'm gonna miss you mean - no sure some of you are wondering Joe why tear this beautiful masterpiece down well I'm not gonna tell you that you're gonna have to watch the last video to find out why all right let's get started I don't wanna be stand around this rain too much so I don't want to just collapse it and leave it all there I want to take the paracord out I want to disperse the logs somewhat it's obviously not going to be no trace but it'll be not just a big pile of logs so let's get started so like I said I just spent the night in this thing I normally don't have a tarp on it but I knew it was gonna rain all night and it did and it's still raining so this first part we're gonna take down was gonna be the front wall I'm not sure how I feel about this part I like it in a sense of having more of a cabin feeling and seeing logs in front of you and having a little bit of a block but in the same respect a lot of what I do over here is film and it cuts out the light and not only that I'm going to have had this this empty spot in the front next to the front wall just to see oh you know I mean it's nice to look out into the woods a beautiful scenery in front of me as opposed to just staring at the same logs all the time which sometimes I like but I'm not sure about the front wall and for my next show 3 I build up near my house I'm not sure if I'll build one these are all dead trees I cut down no life I used to build this at all it's made of 99% of white pine white pine it's very very common in these woods it's mainly white pine and some oak some maple but these will all get restored back to the fourth floor the biodegrade breakdown provide more nutrients and soil for more white pine to grow later on you can tell by the weight of them all very light all very dead alright this thing's got to come off it's tied on as well this was going to be oh this is where the front wall leaned up against so that is an important part if you do have front wall you tie it on so it wouldn't move around too much

obviously as you'd normally do for tying things

these are obviously supports Mike and I put these in after because of all the weight of the ceiling or the roof coming down on these on these posts going out we thought we needed to brace them up than we did in the middle and it definitely did something as you can see that dropped big-time look at that roof off so here's the original ridge pole right and I leaned them all the back pieces against that and then I wanted to put a ceiling on instead of just leaning all my ceiling pieces my roof pieces onto this main ridge pole as well I thought it'd be too much weight and look it I wouldn't be able to stand see at all it is I'd have to be ducking the whole time so I gave myself Headroom I'm not talking at all completely Headroom ventilation in the back for more smoke to get out and an overlap for the rain to drip down past I think to ridgepoles is key and I definitely will be putting that up on my next trip and you can even use make it into a super shelter that way droop the plastic from the top right down I mentioned this in my last video but for people who didn't watch it this fire pit isn't just the rocks in a circle it this is a big rock on the ground right I was afraid of the dog on the ground Catching Fire the pine needles and stuff so this is solid rock there's a big old flat rock there's a secondary one here and then lined it all with big rocks there's a lot of work but never had a problem with fire catching anywhere and like holes stay lit and then the rocks themselves retain the heat and pump out the heat more so it's a very good setup and I'll probably mimic this on my next my next little building so the thinking behind the roof was only to put the ends of it about halfway onto the fire they went a little bit farther but it still worked fine and that was for the ventilation and the smoke to leave and for me to stay and for me to stay more dry over there and when I came in yesterday that

bed was dry and this bed wasn't and all I have for thatching material keep it dry is Duff off of the ground yeah let's get that roof off pesky paracord man [Music]

that's why I wouldn't break she was still tied up look at the difference already man wow it's just an awesome spot guys

this bed I have slept on many tonight [Music]

under this it's crazy man how dry it is under here like bone-dry anyways you can see how I I um started the bed I've got rid these mushrooms I've got a decent piece of wood on the ground a solid round piece of wood

I got another solid round piece of one on the ground then I have a big round twice or three times as big as they are on top going across and then on top of that I put my lengthways logs for my bed so you've been getting another 3-4 inches off of that because of the logs it's keep it all in place i hammered stakes so here it's a stake right here and we're a stake there you can see how far one is the ground and that held everything in place no no need for rope or tying anything at this part at least and then you can really see how much it sucked down into the ground too so you do lose clean over time well that's the tried-and-true way of doing it man that is not my my design not all that has been for hundreds of years I'm sure I'm sure mice we're all living in here - sorry guys

that's strange

that's not from me a little bungee cord huh

very strange there's the other side of it yeah definitely not for me weird weird I think instead of taking all the stuff off the bat and throwing all those off the side I'm just gonna cut the paracord and how this fall and leave it where it stands somebody get rid of that bed - but let's try it that's one side that's a lot of on the back there man look at that that's a lot of work guys no joke that was a whole lot of work over the course of a few trips four or five I got a decent on a pair of cords off of it

all of this would have stayed here to potentially decompose over the quarters 150 years or just sit here and litter so I'm really happy I got that much out of here so it makes me feel better about it I honestly don't think I can just leave that sitting there like that either it's not a big deal it's not gonna hurt anyone always even ever find it but it just looks too aggressive I think yeah the rains calmed down a bit and I am warm so I think I will disperse it a little bit better before I get out of here it's just I feel bad about leaving it alright let's do my head laughing my children know not to forget my tripod mics aggressive red paracord on there that there we go pick up the pieces yeah right oh right Oh get from here yeah debris debris on top a good shot there boys and girls no matter what I do this duck this debris is gonna stay there huh oh don't breathe that in but it's okay it was off the ground anyway all right that's as far as she's getting whoa ah it's a bittersweet moment for real

it was a good shelter I'm happy to have had it have experienced time and experiences here with people with by myself but it's a new chapter in my life and I don't need it anymore so if you want to know the true reason the the full reason go tune into that last video check it out I'm sure you'll enjoy it anyways it's a nice little camping trip camping video bushcraft solo bushcraft overnight at the natural shelter

saying farewell type thing alright guys I get hiking out of here and drive the long drive home today so when we get out of here thanks for watching thanks for experiencing this with me like I said it's bittersweet

throw me a subscription please on the race to a million it's going quick now know that I started asking for it so I'm gonna keep asking for it throw me a subscription I hope you dig guys


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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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