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I find a spot to camp, set up a tarp shelter, cook good food, and enjoy myself in nature

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Video Transcription

hey guys thanks for clicking on the video I'm all by myself I'm sweaty I'm up north almost seven hours north of where I live I drove all day yesterday and I paddled all day and Porto's all day to get into this remote lake where I am now nobody's here there's not gonna be anybody here I want a stationary camp here I've got with me a small backpack this is my hidden woodsman d-roc I've got a boys axe with me we've got a wool blanket so what I'm gonna do look around a little bit more I'm in the general area where I wanted to I wanna be I think I see a spot up here where I can set up a tarp shelter set up a pretty comfortable tarp shelter stay there

I got a steak to cook tonight I also have my fishing rod down in my boat I can try my hand at some fishing but yeah let's get a move on we're going to find a suitable spot to camp chop down some trees get some firewood just yeah I have a good relaxing time bushcraft style





and I need to find a couple rich bowls for my shelter one short one one long one so got a head off into the woods here look for a relatively straight piece of wood relatively not free and not pokey think one right here but this does also look like a really good piece of firewood I don't know if I want to use it on my Ridge Pole or for firewood let's check it out you know that's prime firewood I'm not going to chop that down for my Ridge Pole but I'm definitely gonna chop it down for firewood so I guess chop is the wrong word I went to use my saw let's go on soon it's hollow in the middle here timber all right I'm gonna cut it here just to get a little bit extra length I'm not cutting it okay so I think this is gonna be quite long enough I may even be able to take some off but there's no point in that so if I tie my Ridge pole at a boat chest height going this way this rests on there while you tarp is draped over top of it and I have a good amount of area on either side and I'll shimmy in that way I wanted to do an Adirondack shelter that's what I had planned on doing like a full open side but the way that the landscape is here it's hard to find two trees

facing the water or even not this way these two trees are where they need to be but they're way too close together I can't I literally can't find another tree two trees the right distance apart without the ground just being like this and in between that's how it is you know what I'm out here I didn't have time to like scout the location or anything like that just is how it is it's 240 now I'm stuck with this spot I'm banking on this spot so I'm cool with it I'm fine with it wasn't exactly what I wanted to do but obviously things change so this will work fine I'm gonna have my fire over on the rock behind you guys it's just completely exposed rock the water so maybe 30 feet from me here it's totally fine yeah I'll be happy with it once it's done I'm getting hungry want to cook up that steak soon another couple hours so what I've done already is tied a knot at the end of my paracord now I want to tie a second knot a loose one right below it and don't don't tighten it now I want to make sure my Ridge pole is supported by the paracord like so underneath it I'm going to go up and through that loose knot until it tensions down okay we'll leave that just like that I can deal with that in a minute tighten it loosen it move it up and down whatever but I want to get the other side secured first so again it's high overhand knot at the end leave a little tail you know tie a second overhand knot right below that and leave it loose okay this is already wrapped around the tree take the running end these piece of paracord is a lot bigger a lot longer I stick it through the loose loop it's not oh it's all tangled up oh my gosh alright that see super tight and now for this one I can actually wrap it around again just do some wraps because this piece of paracord is much longer but it's not necessary definitely


okay now because this one's shorter and I can't wrap it around anymore I'm just gonna tie it off so there's no chance of that not slipping okay this works fine I'm gonna put this ridge pole up on here alright oh no the tarp no to tarp it okay so I do have a lot of rope attached to my tripod sorry my try it to my tripod to my tarp already so I'm just going to loosely put it up here this got a rough fit for it there's not where I want it to go but I want to just straighten her out make sure I know where everything is so that's good drink up like that more on the back side we're on the back side there oh yeah buddy okay rough outline all right so this is what I did on the other side I want to try it on this side I think it'll work wrapped it around the tree took the running on looped it on this tab as well let me pull everything tight around the tree if it'll reach Thanks just tie it off to itself okay that's good I got the front top of it rather just hoop done the cut piece of this wood let's find something to cut it or anything I've obviously got way more to do on it by pegging it down but I have cover from I don't have a sleeping pad with me because I just brought that small small backpack and in order to fit everything I needed and all the food and everything no sleeping bag sorry no sleeping pad but I do have that reflectix this ground has a lot of pine needles on it and stuff and that will black it's gonna be super warm but it's not gonna get too cold tonight I'm actually thinking about going to jump in the lake I'm pretty warm yeah finish this up anyway this is the back middle tab here peg though a couple decides just with big sticks just stuck them right through the tabs just running this piece of paracord through attaching it now when I tie it down here just to the Longridge pull itself any kind of fancy knots or anything on this one

that's gonna keep the back nice and taut so this is the bottom corner I think I'm gonna do is just tuck it right in tuck it right in grab the tab go grab tab and pull it taut like that just stick a stick right in there for now I'll get a proper stake after see how that looks and to me that is taking shape pretty well Perdue pretty well what's up from but da it's not a movie it's a TV show but D only some will get this is my view pretty nice [Music]

this isn't so bad plenty of room put my backpack in here too at night pretty cool oh yeah I'm gonna call this done I set up my bed in here with my my wool blanket I guess that's it cuz I'm gonna be using my reflectix as a chair out there but even in heavy wind or rain I'd be super comfortable in this I believe there are nice cool so I said to myself Joe let's go get the wool blanket over the backpack we'll do the cool shot where you unclip the wool blanket from the bottom and do a close-up of that and it'll look cool and bring it over to the shelter and put it in but I forgot I shot a complete gear video already in a separate video and that's my gear now so it's not where it was it's not connected to the backpack if you do want to see that gear video I'll put the link top corner in either side there so other than getting the cool shot with the wool blanket I wanted to show you that like my reflectix was rolled up inside my wool blanket on the bottom of my backpack as well as my saw was there you go like I said I've got to use my reflective eyes I see a chair out there but I just want to put it down you know it's all like pulled the big ones out but I just want to lay down where I'm going to lay down and try and smush it down a little bit give a little smashing oh I could even afford to come out this way a bit guys are gonna quite a bit of coverage there oh yeah yeah that's fine I can't feel any of that stuff through the reflectix there's one's gonna tickle tickle my face in the middle of the night can't have that all right well I need to get some water into me on this trip I'm boiling water so I need to make a little bit of a fire going I don't have a twig stove or anything like that I got to get a small fire going boil up some water will I cut up my firewood for tonight and do the rest of the camp chores so I think right now I want to make a fire pit because I have to make one anyway just a small one that's on top of the rock here and yeah weld that water this one's a score super heavy don't want too close or too far away so like this basically it could be that really three rocks total these two on the side oh yeah then I'm gonna get two smaller rocks to put inside on either side so I can use my girl my girl my girl isn't as long as the rock width apart that is 90% done pretty happy with that I don't need anything big again when I was coming up here I had you know running things through my head that what I want to do how I want to just plans I want to I want to camp and I had the idea of doing the Adirondacks shelter like I told you with the fire in front though and again here it's not gonna work it's just too much Duff and pine needles and stuff like that before the fire and the front thing

but it's not gonna be that cold I don't need the fire for warmth look I've been saying so everything's good and sitting out here I'm not gonna need my reflectix as my chair because I got my trusty blue foam pad just sit that on this this rock chair that I have and call it good I need some water into me my head started to pound I did it on purpose I just I didn't want to bring a twig stove I didn't want to bring like you know like water filter or anything like that just trying to be more bushcraft he trying to be less gear and more traditional ways I guess so the wool blanket and then the boiling with the water but I know it doesn't matter at all i'm using freaking titanium and a tarp above my head with the wool blanket too so take it for what it is but as I always say I like to mix it and I like the the melding of the old and the new so this is what I'm doing water water water water in my life that's what I need right now agua scramble those back I saw a little video for mr. scramble those nice to see him haven't seen him in a while that was not a medium steak though buddy that was as rare as where it can be sir sorry to tell you alright a little fire and water water so I just quickly grabbed some of the some of the pine twigs that I had to chop off of my trees over there it's got the pine twigs there you've got some shavings there and some bigger pieces right there

a little pine twigs right on the rock here too so not too worried about putting a platform definitely not worried about causing any kind of damage so what the best situation can ask for I'm really thirsty so get that in there just said this on the gear video but these are now back in stock on my website which is Joe Robinette calm lots and lots of people are asking for these guys that's sketchy I gotta get a new rock this one's not gonna work

I'll say break this corner off of it maybe this way maybe that way how it's using the old noggin Joe not really either damn side precarious considering I want to have a drink of water and that's gonna stay off for some time I figured I'll make a tea out of it I'll pour it out of the hot container it's in put it in this cold titanium cup and it should cool down quicker and I can just have a tea that way too so my shemagh here to handle the hot titanium and then I still have almost half in here this is gonna sit here and cool as quick as it can and the meantime like I said I'm gonna drink drink up my Tim Hortons honey lemon tea cheers guys mmm lovely it tastes really good

that's something else that might taste pretty good to check it a subscriber mail time it's straight polish not a word of English on it except for this oh Clark which the subscriber wrote on it I assume and I think I might have even read that these are infused of vodkas okay okay look it says vodka vodka you drink your vodka legit polish vodka let me grab the the note out of my little satchel satchel here see I got two things for two different notes from people still gonna make sure this is the right one oh what's the right one I won't read the whole thing it's a very very nice letter typed up gentlemen 35 lives in Poland did like the videos with Emeril disco they have a wife he has a wife and a son and then they have two big dogs Rhodesian Ridgeback in a husky mix so they sent a ton of stuff I actually brought some chocolate yesterday or brought some chocolate with me but I ate it yesterday on the way up here it was so good it was like it was polish it was from him it was like imagine a KitKat but with way more good taste in chocolaty goodness for little bottles of Polish flavored vodka okay so it doesn't say anything about how how it is infused or anything but I believe it's infused with whatever he wrote on there so thank you Jarek I appreciate it thank you very much your English is fine this is his first letter written in English excluding school oh I feel so fancy feel feel important thank you Jarek very cool of you for all of the gifts I like them all so let's try this this is oak bark vodka like I said look at the seals on there and everything still oh my goodness it smells sweet it smells very good alright Cheers

oh my goodness that's like nothing I've ever tasted before it's a very very sweet syrupy almost so I wonder if I can find a percentage Zuber aqua cora Daboo original original loca loca slowed Corsa which God we smack this is dog team extra to this quarry debut 200 mils oh here we go 32.5% bug 32.5% percent liquor that's not bad I think that says 32 3 Z 5 it looks like anyways very cool man 37.5 that's what it is 37.5 bug oklahoma so that's decent pretty cool man thank you very much I appreciate it and actually I also have a little fudge milky cream fudge that he sent as well so we'll try that out we'll try that out after supper have another note from someone I threw a bunch of wood on that fire I want to Stoke it up now and cook my steak it's almost five o'clock I'm getting very hungry so here we go hey Joe thanks for the inspiring videos I thought I'd shoot you a care package to help you make more Roary be Thank You Rory I appreciate it let's see what Rory packed me for this trip would you pack me for this trip Rory

what was it what was it I forget Rory's present at home oh my gosh I did I'm sorry Rory sorry Rory okay next time except for all Rory my bad it's Oh quark how can you not you know it's oh Clark you see that oak bark infused vodka it's hard to place man the cinnamony anyways it's good thank you again Jarek I'm gonna sit here let these coals actually I'll throw more hardwood on I cut up some of that big what I got I'll get some good coals and cook up my mistake I have a rib a ribeye steak Tripoli or higher it's a 717 dollar state $15 steak $15 steak no $20 steak oh man this is pretty cool this is a different kind of trip for me I whenever I can do normally I'm busting my hump and going from place to place and stuff and not really doing stationary camping but I literally do have this whole lake to myself I'm Way back in here nobody comes back in here I have hopes of catching bass tonight after I eat go to my canoeing I'll try anyway

regardless if I catch any that last trip with Doug I caught a lot of trout and I was super happy on that and it kind of fulfilled my fishing desires but if I can catch a few bass out of here I'll be happy I'll cook some up actually if I can if I can catch some yeah I like this camp this is a very cool spot lots of exposed rock very small lake lots of white pine and alone I feel very remote

I thought the leaves were gonna be changed a lot more than they were than they are but we had a crazy crazy like Indian summer man it got so hot it's hot right now it's really really warm right now the only reason I'm not swimming is because this location I have right here that the water right off my my Shore is this mucky and it's shallow and and stuff across the lake it's better but I know I'm alright they don't cool down tonight I'm sure quite a bit yeah I like this I like this they say that I like this I have a piece of hair in my eyeball [Laughter]

yep I'm a dummy this is what Rory got me this and a bunch of other stuff sent me a care package or the ton of stuff in it there's a Gorp bar good old raisins and peanuts is what Gorp stands for word traditionally this one is a cocoa hemp an almond there's there was three different ones that he sent in a three different three different flavors flavors is a good word to use that came in the in the box as well as other things too so thank you again Rory big time this is energy bar and I almost needed it today but I want to say that let's save it and we need it but yeah cocoa hemp at home and it sounds exactly like what I would like super big on chocolate and nuts so thank you very much Rory thank you very much Jarek this concludes my subscriber mail section of this video oh that got me a little little little tipsy a little buzzed I can't drink anymore I'll drink the rest or some of some more of it tonight that was to two sips but again that was the bottleneck up there so I got the remainders 200 mils so a can of coke would be 355 mils can a pop for reference I do have a beer too I'm gonna drink my beer with my steak I think I've got it sitting in the lake right now no beer where no beer we were this time just sitting right in the lake all willy-nilly all right that players just about ready so I throw my stakes place on my munch on my stake right now she's bleeding she's bleeding throw it on there right now so that and a couple minutes oh yeah just a little bit right just a little stakes place on that piece what what knee goes mama told me put off stakes place like white that is looking good now I'm going to ready the fire pit for my grill I'll try and be smart about it this time whoo these rocks are still toasty Wow try to be smart about this time and put the flat on the top touch more precarious and I don't want to lose my steak all right I won't lose it at all

I can eat it right over the coals if I have to but well like I haven't cooked my steak on the coals before you know whoa okay

that's somewhat safer one two - oh yeah she's ready to go all right there we go no sizzle I didn't let the grill get hot yet

well as you can probably tell I have had to switch things around a little bit drop it down lower it but she's just about done now so I'm gonna let it rest for five minutes this my heavy cover spork was super good inside my like girl I can maneuver it like nobody's business that goes there and while that is settling I'm gonna split down a big piece of this oak and make a plate for myself

fancy there's ants in my plate ants in my plate bro can't have that oh these ants I guess sorry guys so I guess I'll use this one to clean it up a little bit get LD ant it not I guess why I say I guess yes 100% eat up this one throw this one the fire so you see how there's all these cavities in that piece of wood I'm gonna split that part off make like a shingle looking thing take that part off and then I'll have the rest it should be a good plate okay that's better basically use that part I can try to chip away this stuff not really that big deal I'm not too concerned about it anyway as long as no ants come out and start eating my steak I'm good with this all right guys

she's all done I am excited very excited for this Oh buddy she's sure cooked this is more like medium that frickin scramble those state well ma'am and I say that because this isn't medium at all this is medium well very good no joke oh I'm really really enjoying that [Music]

all right today's beer 4.9% nothing strong this is an unfiltered IPA or APA by Nicola Brooke it's called naughty neighbor it is an APA a full-bodied American pale ale award-winning APA pays homage to our knotty neighbors to the South American pale ale has something for everyone

for hop lover something for everyone for hop lovers the huge citrus and pine aroma is greet the nose continue on the palate leaving remarkably easy drinking crisp dry finish reading that's all wrong a remarkably easy drinking crisp dry finish we packed this flavor into a brew that has 4.9 ABV which gives a hugely seasoned sessional beer there's perfectly refreshing drink fresh do not age so this is a Canadian company and that's what they meant about the Nate neighbors to the south being American cheers guys

that's so good it's not very cold that's alright though it's alright with me so that is from nickel Brooke Nicole Brooke is in Burlington I believe I'll check in a minute here but they're really good probably my second or third favorite brewery other than Great Lakes sawdust city and then probably nickel Brook Berlin come see this is my last piece it's been very good mmm super flavorful where do you guys wipe your knife at after you're done eating my pants well then I think bears Joe why are you doing that what then I think screw those bears I need to whip my knife off you know firstworldproblems ma'am all right six o'clock now there's opera if Doug's not here to tell me to stop talking with mouth full so my Spears almost done Thomas take a dark at this time of year 833 o'clock

I'm gonna clean up do my dishes get on the water

what video is that a throwback to well time to do my dishes and then I throw my wood on the fire real fans will know real subscribers will know what video that is from blue foam pad coming through in the clutch so I want my fire to stay going while I'm out there and I'll be out there for probably a couple hours don't want to cut up some wood throw that on there before I go over that way even if it's all burned down I'll have some decent coals just throw some wood on top of when I come back so she wrote I was a really good beer really really good beer oh my goodness an aunt has come to take its revenge for killing us host I'm sorry bud sorry bud and the fire you go alright I grab this old stump threw it on there that'll be good to go til I get back I gotta grab my headlamp double cone pieces of gear get going the Possible's pouch where I keep everything at my headlamp bring this with me just in case

just paddling into this even smaller lake it's like a little tributary or like the side shoot-off Lake of the lake I'm on maybe a quarter of the size of the lake that I was on maybe this is an area to camp okay there's all these lily pads up here I want to try and cast right into that right in front of that actually I'm running up this side that's not good bring up the flagpole and see who looks but no one ever does not say well you know flagpole Sitta harvey danger all right now we wrote into the actual lake is that rock basically gather some pine twigs real quick to throw on then I will put up some actual fuel wood up that log still things lasting quite a long time right that fire is going real good now nice and warm getting some good light off of it too it's time for another sip of water Cheers

keep hearing an owl behind me there he goes right there hope they picked it up and also a beaver he slapped his tail in the water a few times since I've been back I've been back for probably an hour now after I put that wood in the fire just kind of sat here kept out in wood it's uh it's 8:20 now but no fish still I haven't heard any fish slap or Jim onslaught but jump over the water looking for bugs or anything like that I would have heard him haven't seen them so it's really strange it's very strange they should be here and they were here like 10 years ago I don't know what happened but yeah it's a nice night man can you hear it's not doing the hooks for you thing it's just one that was rakul there he goes go fix it up I bought a new microphone for my new camera I didn't like the way my other one sounded I don't know if I used it too much or whatever but it always sounded muffled to me so I got the I had the video mic Pro now I have the the videomic go which is a cheaper of the two but it runs this one doesn't run on its own battery it runs off the camera battery as well so we'll see hopefully this this is better this volume is better on this video I got some ruddy crisp bacon should I want to eat a piece now I want to eat a piece already crisp bacon right now so it's like pre-cooked bacon I was saying in my other video how I needed a suggestion on what what else I could do for breakfasts so this stuff you're just supposed to heat a little bit leave it for a few seconds and then I want to put it inside my oh so I have this and oatmeal as well and you throw the bacon inside you have a little little bonus bits yeah I think I'm just gonna throw it on my grill for seconds here

that's done all right what she's hot oh my goodness taste club but on the chilly side but very good that's gonna work out fine put that right in the oatmeal break it up old nuggets of goodness old bacon nuggets yep

that'll do but in reality I can't still can't use those for like hot weather stuff you're supposed to keep those refrigerated and today was as hot as I'd like to keep them out of the refrigerator or fridge as I normally would say refrigerator Geiger counter xylophone why am i what is this I always sleep with my axe next to you when I'm over here people feel good you

good morning at a decent night's sleep it's almost seven o'clock now so woke up at about 5:00 and tossed and turn for the past couple hours but that's not so bad pretty hungry enough to make some oatmeal oatmeal with bacon nice actually switching it up for a bit the wind kicked up a little bit last night well tied my boot down but she's died down a bit now - all right let me get up this morning I don't really feel like making shavings till I get my first one and I can't find birchbark for the life of me so I've got my little Possible's pouch here and inside it one of the many goodies I have this is single the fat rope stick I'm sure some of you guys have seen this before so a dude goes by the handle of production hanger 51 on Instagram was nice enough to send me a bunch of a box full of fire starters and stuff probably enough to last me a whole lifetime I've never used its fat rope stick but I think I've seen people on Instagram using it I'm just gonna cut off a piece here about the small little round and it should strike firesteel should strike it very easily and it should go up pretty easily from what I know so I just fluffed the piece up here maybe I'll do two pieces at first and then to actually test it I'm not gonna put on pine twigs cuz that'll go up no problem I'll put on something like this thick where it's like this thick as my thicker than my thumb really will see throw a spark into this there we go got all these piece that I cut off here plane

No looks like it's going that's pretty cool something handy to keeping the kid anyway any guys who watch me regularly know I normally don't use fire starters but it's not to have anything against it normally there's just stuff around to make fire with easily and there still is I could still make shavings and stuff but in the morning you don't always feel like doing that right be good for my twig stuff too actually

all righty

all right my faking my faking is done faking

I should have ripped pieces up a little bit better Cheers I like to leave some cord attached to my tarp that way I always know [Music]

I love these straps long enough to actually do something unlike an expedition which I've had plenty of Maxpedition bags in the past and these can actually get these straps are wider I have them cinch down right here there's a bunch more roll on there but that's how tight they were on the way in there's no reason I shouldn't get that so this is why you leave this little tab on here in pretty windy out here man all right guys all packed up ready to get on out of here I had a pretty good time yeah I like this spot I like this type of camping I wish there was some fish here I plan on doing something very similar to this in the near future but for a longer duration three nights something like that I can only really get away from yesterday yesterday on the night so I got a long drive ahead of me to get home I got a long paddle out of here today too so I got to get going but I hope you enjoyed the video I thank you for watching I'll see you soon as always

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